Now, Kit Kat Ice Cream is Officially Launching in Indonesia

After our unpredictable warm welcome journey when launched milo and crunch ice cream back in last February, now we are launching another ice cream option that you can enjoy. 

With many questions and demand regarding Kit Kat ice cream, now we are officially announcing that Kit Kat ice cream cone finally come to Indonesia. 

source: @eatwithkoko

Kit Kat ice cream is one of the ice cream that awaited especially for ice cream and Kit Kat lover. Surely, it gives different taste than any other ice cream that you may have tried before. The texture of ice cream itself is really soft and not really sweet. Also, you can find Kit Kat chocolate wafer in the middle of cone. What a great deals right? 

For you who want to enjoy Kit Kat Ice Cream, now you can buy it in many official store such as Superindo, Ranch Market, Farmers Market, All Fresh, KemChicks, Diamond Supermarket, AEON Mall, Kuhl Mart,Grand Lucky, Podjok Halal, and many more at Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bekasi. 

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