Songkran Festival 2017

Songkran Festival is one of festival that regularly hold to celebrate the new year in Thailand. In Thailand, Songkran festival identic with water war rituals, which usually hold on 13th-15th April every year as a form of cleaning and renewal. Not only that, the splash of water is also believed as a respectful gesture of Thai citizens to their ancestors who have gone before them.

Ini 2017, celebration of Songkran Festival in Indonesia is held on 7th-9th April at Jakarta, precisely in Tribeca Central Park Mall.  Consider most of our products are from the Land of the White Elephant, we also participated in the festival which held by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). As the organizer, TAT was hope the presence of this event can introduce the meaning of this festival, Thailand culinary, and products of Thailand which circulated in the Indonesia market. Not only that, in this festival you also can meet Thai representative. 

In this festival which attended by 5000 visitors, we held a cooking demo with various menus such as Tom Yum Fried Rice. Not only cooking demo, we also promoted our various products. The atmosphere in our booth during festival showed the enthusiasm of Indonesian people towards Thai culture and culinary. Not only that, the arrival of the Thailand Ambassador also enlivened our booth.