Shrimp Spring Roll

Main ingredient:

12 pieces of spring roll skin



Material content:

10gr Shrimp, chopped (can replace with chicken)

100gr Mushroom

2 cloves of Garlic

1 Dried chili

1tsp Sago flour and 25ml water, dissolved

1/2tbs Healthy Boy Thick Oyster Sauce

1/2tsp KAF Fish Sauce

1tsb Sesame oil

1bunch of Leeks




Sauce ingredients:

2 cloves of Garlic

1 Red cayenne chili

25gr Tomato sauce

1/3tsp Salt

3/4tsp Sugar

200ml Water


How to make:
1. Heat the oil in pan then saute garlic and dried chili until fragrant and change color
2. Put the shrimp and stir until changes color
3. Put the pepper, salt, Healthy Boy Thick Oyster Sauce, and KAF Fish Sauce. Mix well.
4. Pour sago flour until burst
5. Put the sesame oil and leeks, mix well and fry until browned. Put aside.
6. Boil all sauce ingredients such as onion, red cayenne chili, and tomato sauce then blend and boil until thick.
7. Serve shrimp spring roll with PANTAI Spring Roll Sauce